Fire breathing

The first thing one thinks of when you talk about fire stunts is of course fire breathing. To see a practiced person breathing fire, control the flame and walk with it, naturally speaks to everyone’s imagination.
Fire breathing is, ofcourse, the stunt which started it all, for that reason fire breathing holds no secrets for me and permit me to perform at high level.
All this, of course, if the weather conditions permit.

I also spread my fire breathing and fire eating knowledge during worskhops and teambuilding sessions.

Fire eating

Fire eating is the act of putting a flaming torch into the mouth and extinguishing it.

We also perform vapor tricks, here the flame is carried by means of the mouth from one torch to the other. This act can be performed outdoors during windless weather or indoors.

I also spread my fire eating and fire breathing knowledge during worskhops and teambuilding sessions.

Naked skin burns

Pyrogen is one of the first Belgian fire performers who present this stunt.
Naked skin burns are mainly performed during photo and video shoots.

full body burns

Full body burns is the act of setting the stuntman on fire.
This act is mainly performed during photo and video shoots.


The charcoal staff is probably one of our most beautiful props.
Using this prop we create beautiful fire glistens which reach meters in height.


This effect is created by using lycopodium powder.



Stilts are the perfect eyecather, for example, during night markets.


All firestunts seen in this video are performed by Pyrogen.